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“All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination.” Carl Jung (1875 – 1961)

Many people wonder about what the purpose of a LARP is. Usually those people are the people watching since anyone who is playing would say, “Because it’s more fun than anything else you ever did!” But for those of us concerned with the social and cultural development of our community and the world at large, fun is but the beginning. For parents, teachers and community members who have questions about the game and why we do it, here are resources for understanding our organization and LARP in general.
Description of FanWar 2015
Why Play LARP?
Palo Alto Weekly- Cover Story – Fantasy Warplay LARP
FANWAR LARP Facebook Page


You can learn the Basic Rules by watching these three videos.

Here are some Sample Battles of what our LARP Battles look like.

And here is a discussion of Quest and Character Leagues

For more information on the Leagues, check out the FantasyWarplay YouTube Channel and watch some sample adventures.  If you want to learn the more about our LARP and other LARPS, check out the videos below.

For the Game World History and Plot- go here
For the most up to date Political Roekron Game World Map- see below.polarregion2016knowledge3

If you are looking for LARPs in your area, these resources.

For T-Shirts and Merchandise go to Zazzle for FanWar Merch!

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