Junior League: Battle, Quest, and Advanced

Junior League: FanWar has a Battle League available (for kids 9 and up) as well as an Quest League and Advanced Leagues (for kids 9 and up who want more complexity and want to play in the ongoing storyline). These three type of events are held all over the Bay Area.  There is usually  a fee of $20 for a half day (about 3 hours). I supply all the equipment and train players in the rules at each event, so no experience is necessary to join, though new players must attend a Battle or Quest event before being evaluated for Advanced Leagues.

For more information on the Leagues, check out the FantasyWarplay YouTube Channel and watch some sample adventures.  If you want to learn the rules, check out the videos below.

You can learn the Basic Rules by watching these three videos.

 Quest and Advanced Leagues: These Leagues are the next level beyond Battle League and are only available to players who have the skill to role play and maintain a story line and work as a team. There are very specific rules and skills in Quest and Advanced League as well as an ongoing story that is interconnected with all the other leagues. This League requires a great deal of concentration and reading skills and is not for all kids. Players must learn many skills and spells and know how they operate in numerous situations. Players also level up and become more and more powerful as they play Quest and Advanced Leagues and thus not everyone is at the same power level at these events. Because of the complexity of this level of play for young kids these events require more adult involvements and support.

Here is the Demo Video of Advanced League.

I also have hard copies available for $15 each.

These events are also run by the FanWar Staff and can be arranged as private parties. Simply arrange a date with one of us and decide on the League you wish to host. If I am running the event, the standard $20 a set applies.

If you are interested in Battle and Quest or Advanced League, contact me and I will get you the details.

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