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Fantasy Warplay also offers Birthday Party and Events Packages with various options and choices as well as scaled down version for all age groups. The parties can be anything from complex riddle quests to pitched battles. We have done everything from unicorn quests lead by faerie princesses, to pirate ship battles, to Harry Potter, to ancient Greece.  Anything is possible with the active imagination.

Birthday Parties run through our party scheduling teams.  To schedule a team to run a party please contact-

Christopher Melville at

Or Karen Paley at


Party Packages:

The Training and Games Party: $400. 2 hours of play for up to 20 kids. This event offers a simple training ideal for players with a only a little or no gaming experience. These events have no plot but lots of games like capture the flag, spy battles, and silly feudal lord comedic games.

The Simple Adventure: $450. 2 hours of play for up to 20 kids. This event offers a simple storyline ideal for players with a only a little gaming experience. These adventures have plots that sometimes involve, puzzles, and interesting choices.  It may involve a simple quest for a player who has an existing character in a league, or the making of characters for the standard game world.

The Themed Adventure: $500. 2 hours of play for up to 20 kids. This event is completely customizable by you. If your child has an interest in a specific book series or fantasy world, we customize an adventure to fit your child’s interest. These adventures have complicated plots that often use riddles and puzzles to be solved by the kids, and are set in a fictional world of your choice.

Longer Parties below (3 hours)

The Complex Adventure: $550. 3 hours of play for up to 20 kids. This event offers a more involved storyline ideal for players with a little bit of gaming experience. These adventures have complicated plots that often involve riddles, puzzles, and interesting choices.

The Roekron Game World Missions: $600. 3 hours of play for up to 20 kids. This is ideal for players who play weekly or monthly games and would like to adventure as their characters. We start out by teaching the kids how to play if needed, and then move into a adventure story set in the game world of Roekron.

To schedule a party please contact Allison Paley at

Christopher Melville at

Or Karen Paley at


A custom party consists of a team bringing the gear, either to the birthday person’s house if the land is big enough, or to a local park where we will meet and play. The choices and rates are as follows (if none of the options below are what you are looking for, feel free to contact me to work out what you have in mind):

  1. Start with the type of event desired to get the base rate (Pick one):
    • $50: Basic Battles. These parties revolve around games that use the weapons–capture the flag, hunger games, etc. They don’t have any storyline.  
    • $100: Simple Adventure. These parties involve battles with a simple storyline, with monsters and heroes.  
    • $150: Complex Plot. These parties feature a fully fleshed out adventure with riddles and twists, customized. Parties with complex plots must be a minimum of 3 hours long.
    • $200: Custom Plot. Do you want a party based in the world of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or other specific setting? This is the package that accommodates that. Parties with custom plots must be a minimum of 2 hours long.
    • $300: Game World Adventure. These parties take place in the game world of Roekron. Kids who attend regular events will be able to play their characters at a Game World Adventure party.
  2. Next, add the Hourly Rate: $5 per child per hour.
  3. The add the Staffing Charges: $100 flat fee, to be paid in advance when your party is scheduled.
  4. (Optional) Birthday Item: $100 for an item made by one of our crafters which your child gets to keep. Custom orders may be available upon request and start at $100 depending on the complexity and specificity of your request.
  5. Travel Fee: Most of our teams are based out of the Palo Alto CA area and Sebastopol CA. If you want a party further South than Mountain View or further North than San Mateo (or outside the Santa Rosa, Petaluma area), we charge a travel fee to cover the expenses of gas and travel time. This fee is based on distance. To figure your travel cost, multiply the number of hours it takes to get there from Palo Alto or Sebastopol respectively by $75. One hour of travel (one way) is $75. Two hours of travel $150, Three hours of travel $225, etc.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy:

When we agree on a date and time for your party, you pay a security deposit of $100 for that spot. . This deposit is non-refundable, but if you need to reschedule it will remain in place and continue to count towards your party–you do not have to pay it again to reschedule.

We do not reschedule parties less than a week before the agreed upon date, except in case of rain. There are a number of safety concerns regarding LARPing in the rain, so if it is forecast to rain on the date of the party, we will work with you to reschedule to a date that works for you. We do not run parties in the rain.

Here’s what parents are saying:

“I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased we were with Paul’s Birthday party last weekend. You did an AMAZING job — the kids had such fun. Several of them said it was the best birthday party they had ever been to. Thanks for all your efforts. It was a huge success!”

“My son, William, had the time of his life at the birthday party you recently orchestrated for Nick.”

“Thanks again for a great day yesterday. All the kids had a blast!”

“I had so much fun being a monster with the kids. That was way too much fun!”

“All the kids in his class are still playing out the adventures they had together at Julians party. They reinact the scenes and the riddles and add onto the story as their parts.”

And from the kids:

“This is the best day I have ever had.” one of Julians girl friends from Waldorf school, age 10.

“This is the most fun I have ever had. This game is awesome.” Jason, age 15.

To arrange for a Birthday Event please contact us at

Christopher Melville at

Or Karen Paley at

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