Teriock FANWAR Online RPG (Extra days!)

Dear Fanwar Families in Teriock,

Due to social distancing and the shelter in place order in California, Fanwar is attempting to do our LARP as an online RPG.

UPDATED as of 04/09/2020

Dear Player,

Our new schedule is as follows:

Mondays 4-7pm, Tuesdays 4-7pm, Fridays 7-10pm

Occasionally Bonus events Saturdays 7-10pm

Due to scheduling difficulties of GM’s we are changing some of our online Fanwar times.  Currently we will be adding Friday and Saturday evenings as some of our GMs have classes or work on Mondays and Tuesdays at that time. However, these weekend sessions will be at a later time that may be more conducive to our older players but not necessarily for our younger ones. So at this time our schedule through May (or until social distancing is lifted) is as shown above.


Note: Each month there is a session cap of 5 “level points.” (otherwise referred to as “sessions” but I am using a new term to clarify.) Your first session of the month is worth 2 level points. Each session after is worth only 1 level point.  After 5 level points (or 4 sessions) you may elect to play more sessions but you will not gain any level points. However, if you die and pull 2 black stones for death you MAY earn that session’s level point. 

Here is the Google Doc to link us to the campaigns:


We will be using the skills of our Junior GMs who will be stepping up to GM groups of up to 5 players online.  We will be using our tabletop system combined with Discord for video and Roll 20 as the gaming platform. Stay Safe and bare with us!  Fanwar is designed as a LARP but we will do our best to adapt it into a fun RPG.

All of the Teriock GM’s assisting online are donating their time for the sake of keeping our beloved game alive. If you choose to play today and you can afford to pay during this recession, please make your payment ($5-20 sliding scale) to Christopher Melville’s Paypal account: http://www.fanwar.com/paypal-payment-page/ 

Sara and I have money to weather this storm for now due to our jobs as teachers and the secured funding stream. Christopher does not.  If we want to keep FANWAR alive we need to keep him afloat.  Chris has done countless numbers of fundraisers over the years for numerous  causes. He is always handing out scholarships and is constantly giving to those in need.  Now it’s our turn.

If you can not give monetarily at this time we understand as we are all going through a hard time.  Please do not be discouraged from playing because of financial hardships and join us in keeping the game world alive online through your participation.  There will come a time in the future when you will find a way to give back. Today we play.

See you online!

Tony aka GameMasterT

Events Canceled Until April 3rd

Hello All LARP Parents and communities,

Due to the increasing mandates from the state, and school closures in all the areas we run events, LARP will be closing until April. It is not advisable for students to be engaging in Live Action Role Play at this time and as such all events are canceled. If things are looking more promising we will begin classes again after April 3rd. During this three week break from in person events, I have recommendations for how students can stay connected with each other, continue to advance the story of their world, and engage in learning, imagination, and fun, even if we are not meeting. Check the website for guidelines and recommendations for online gaming and LARP related activities, which I will post in the upcoming days. Stay healthy and thank you for all the years of support and connection our leagues have provided and your kids have contributed to our gaming world.

All my best,

Christopher Melville

Breaking NEWS! Guest GMs on March 14th Berkeley Fanwar!

Dear Fanwar Community,

Sean Flynn, Rowan Craig and Elliot Nixon, all long time adult fanwar players and assistant GM’s at Berkeley events for many years, will be covering for me at this event. This is because my son Pele just got accepted into the County Science Fair with his project. Please note that the majority of all the weapons and equipment will be available at this event and the “three musketeers” will be providing an integrated Teriock experience that I have outlined for them.

Please note that I will be at the Sunnyvale Fanwar experience on Sunday the following day as planned. I will also be there before the end of the second session on Saturday to help load the trailer.

Cheers and keep Flexing your Imagination!

Tony aka GameMasterT

P.S. It looks like Bushay campground at Lake Mendocino WILL be open after all for our FANWAR Campout June 22-26th!  That means night Missions! if you are interested in attending please email muse@fanwar.com to get the registration forms.