Breaking NEWS! Guest GMs on March 14th Berkeley Fanwar!

Dear Fanwar Community,

Sean Flynn, Rowan Craig and Elliot Nixon, all long time adult fanwar players and assistant GM’s at Berkeley events for many years, will be covering for me at this event. This is because my son Pele just got accepted into the County Science Fair with his project. Please note that the majority of all the weapons and equipment will be available at this event and the “three musketeers” will be providing an integrated Teriock experience that I have outlined for them.

Please note that I will be at the Sunnyvale Fanwar experience on Sunday the following day as planned. I will also be there before the end of the second session on Saturday to help load the trailer.

Cheers and keep Flexing your Imagination!

Tony aka GameMasterT

P.S. It looks like Bushay campground at Lake Mendocino WILL be open after all for our FANWAR Campout June 22-26th!  That means night Missions! if you are interested in attending please email to get the registration forms.