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024_21AFanwar games take place in a world with it’s own history, geography, and politics.  The world has changed over the years a great deal, a lot more time can pass in the Game World than does in reality.  This page is dedicated to the history of the game world, mostly Roekron (which was the first game location), and also Teriock, The Polar North, and beyond.  This page is still in progress, so pardon the mess.  We are updating and cleaning up all the old historical documents and making them more accessible.  Enjoy!

Teriock Sourcebook (NEW here!)

(2019-2020) Teriock Time Jump 2019-2020

(2016) Teriock Time Jump 2015-16

Also see Plot Updates below for more setting details

Roekron Histories below (Reverse Chronological Order)

2023 Fall Time Jump (29 year Jump).

2022 Fall Time Jump New Season 153 Year Jump!

(2021) Summer Time Jump New Season Begins

(2021 Winter Plot Update)

(2020-2021) Expanded Time Jump – Fall, Winter, Spring.

(2019-2020) Time Jump and Plot Update

(Summer 2019) Plot Update and Setting Changes

(2018-2019) Time Jump and Plot Update

(2017-18) Time Jump and Plot Update

(2017) End of Summer Plot Update (8-1-17)

(2016-17) Time Jump and Plot Update

(2016) – Time Jump Part 2 and Plot Update (5-27-16)

(2016) Time Jump 2015-16 Writeup

(Plot Update – All Regions -9-4-2015)
Setting Information Svodlun(2015 update)

(2015) Time Jump 2014-15 Writeup

(2014 revised) Time Jump 2013-14

(2013 revised) Time Jump 2012-2013

(2012 revised) Time Jump 2011-2012

(2011 revised) Time Jump 2010-2011

(2010 revised) Time Jump 2009-2010

(2009 and earlier)  Brief Calendar ofRoekron(2-28-15 version)

(World History – historical in game writing ) A Footnote From Arandur Artano


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