Mastercraft are basically two types of Mastercrafted Weapons: Open Cell Design and Closed Cell (or Camp Mat Foam Design). For years I perfected the Open Cell Design and while it is still wonderful, the new, Closed Cell Camp Mat Foam design has come out on top in terms of durability, asthetics, simplicity, and of course economy.

We now have video on the construction of the Closed Cell Swords and Weapons here. Enjoy!








Mastercraft Modular weapons are the ultimate in realistic swords and sacrifice nothing in the way of versatility. Still completely interchangable, even with the standard Modular weapons, these incredibly lightweight and realistic looking weapons require a great deal of expertise to make successfully and are also a much more dangerous weapon if not weilded correctly. I would NEVER put a mastercrafted weapon in the hands of a beginner or anyone who has the tendecy to get carried away in battle and crank their sword back like a baseball bat! With the old-style three chambered weapons one could slam an opponent full force and not cause any damage, but a mastercrafted weapon is much more of a professional quality weapon and requires the subtly of a mature fighter who can control the strength of their swing and not flail the weapon about.

Mastercraft Modular Swords
Cost: Medium to High
Safety: Fair
Looks: Excellent (see below)
Excellent Realism!!
Great Compression!!

I find master crafted to be the best when it comes to swords as they can be drawn from a leather belt with ease, still have a full inch of compression on both sides of the core and have speed that is unmatched. If you have mastered all the other weapons on this site and are looking for a challenge to take you to the next level, this is it. The process is not long, but very tedious and exacting. Any mistakes can make the sword too dangerous and illegal. The directions must be followed to the letter, as every step ensures that the weapon

will be both effective and safe. Do not skimp anywhere thinking that your mistakes will be covered up later by the tape. In a master craft sword, every contoured of the foam adds to the realism and look of it and mustbe considered. After all, if you wanted something easy, just make a standard broadsword .
Mastercraft Modular Swords- What You Will Need:
  1. 2 1/2′ long piece of Fiberglass Rod (Electric Fence Pole)
  2. 8″ piece of 1/2″ schedule 40 PVC pipe.
  3. 3 feet of 1″X1″ dense block foam (not hard but tough)
  4. 9″ of the above in a 2″X1″ format.
  5. 3 feet of 2″x1″ high compression block foam (softer stuff)
  6. Block Foam, about 3″X3″X1″ should do.
  7. 6″ square of Celephane.
  8. 1′ of 3/4″ thin wall PVC pipe, the 200 class.
  9. 1 Roll of 300 mil duct tape
  10. 1 sheet rock screw, 1/2″ long
  11. Leather
  12. Foam Glue

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