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Event Series Event Series: San Francisco Day Camp (Toby Miller)

San Francisco Day Camp (Toby Miller)

July 8 @ 9:30 am July 12 @ 5:30 pm

Hello all FANWAR LARP players and parents! This will be my first year running my own day camp for LARP! I have ran many LARP camps with Christopher Melville (Creator and Founder of FANWAR LARP), and we have been talking about starting up and running my very own Toby Miller ran Day camp! I will be running one day camp from July 8th to July 12th (Mon-Fri) from 9:30am-5:30pm. During this day camp we will be doing all the basics of larp, training from new to experienced, growing a story and building characters, building up then finishing a quest in one swift motion! I encourage you to bring friends that are curious or tell anyone or everyone about this awesome opportunity! Thank you so much for listening!

Pricing will be $250 for the week. 
July 8th-July 12th (Mon-Fri)
The location of the park will be: McLaren Park Redwood Grove Playground + Picnic Area, 200 John F Shelley Dr, San Francisco, CA 94134, This is the usual location, if we have any issues with this location I have 2 backup locations.
From 9:30am Drop off
Lunch break 12:00am-1:00pm
Until 5:30pm Pick up

Schedule rundown: 
9:30am Check in and get ready.
10:00am Role Call and prepare for the day.
10:10am begin training (mon-wed)/Begin missions

12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch break/Character creation/Market
2:00pm Begin session 2 missions
5:30pm Pickup and begin anew!


Please note: Christopher Melville Owner of LARP will not be attending, this camp will be ran by Toby Miller, his assistant, and any other experienced larp players that are volunteering to help. If you would like to assist by being a stand by parent it would be highly appreciated, In case of any emergiencies or issues that may require an adult with parental experience or if any issues happens to occur.

1. Parent Responsibilities (these are the pieces that need to be attended to by each family to ensure they are doing their part to protect others at the camp). 

Notify the Game Master upon arrival of where you will be for the day and contact information for Toby Miller to contact you by. 
If you are to be staying at the park with your child then inform me of such, any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If you or any other parents you know would be willing to be extra supervision It would greatly be appreciated!

2. Parents and Students Responsibilities: the following items are needed for each student to have at the camp for their personal use. It is the responsibility of the parents and students to make sure these items are bought every day.

  • i.Bag or Box Lunch (since students cannot leave the campus, they must bring enough food for themselves to be comfortable all day long) 
  • ii.Fork Friendly Foods (we want to discourage any students from eating foods with their hands at camp. If possible, please send food that allows your child to eat with a fork, or is wrapped in such a way as to allow them to not need to touch it to eat it). 
  • iii.Drinking Water (students will not have access to drinking fountains or other drinking water on site, so they must bring enough water for them to be comfortable all day long in changeable weather). 
  • iv.Soapy Spray Bottle (this bottle should be filled with water and soap that is safe for your child to use on themself. It can be used to spray on their hands or personal items they wish to clean when the bathroom is not available. If a spray bottle isn’t available, a labeled water bottle filled with soapy water should work. 
  • v.Small Towel (since students may need to wash dry their hands more often than usual, it will be helpful for them to have a towel that they can dry their hands on should they need extra washing between bathroom visits). 
  • vi.Sunscreen or Hats as needed (since it can be quite hot at times, and players will also be wearing masks and gloves, hats that keep off the sun and/or sunscreen that they can use are needed).
    vii.Emergency First Aid Card: Each student should bring a card with their emergency contact number, and any prudent health issues, such as allergies, etc. clearly printed on it, to be turned in to Toby’s Box at the start of the camp, in case of emergencies. 
  • viii.Permission Slips: Many students enjoy leaving campus to get hot food at lunch and cold drinks. If your child has permission to do this, send a note or check the box above. Students also like to craft larp items to keep and this requires use of sharp knives. If your child has permission to use sharp tools for crafting, send a note to this effect as well. (There are no places adjacent to the park so a bagged lunch is highly recommended.)
  • ix.Backpack or Bag for all the above items: Since students need more personal items than usual, providing something with their name on it that can contain all these items is a necessity. 

3. Student Responsibilities (there are the pieces that need to be enforced with the students to be sure we are protecting each other and the use of our facilities) 

  • o Students must only use the bathrooms one at a time: We have access to a bathroom that is directly off the field, and will not enter the other buildings at any time. We will only use this bathroom one at a time and must get permission from our group leader before we do. 
  • o Wash Hands before eating lunch: Students need to be sure they wash their hands before starting to eat at lunch to reduce the chances of any germs being transferred to food. 
  • o Stay in the areas designated for larp only: We have use of the space at our site for larp, but only the outside areas which we must take care of. 

If you, or your child cannot or will not comply with these procedures they will be barred from the camp and future camps as well.  

All of my contact information is below:
Toby Miller (Tobin Miller)

Text will be the most reliable and fastest way to contact, email will also be noticed, thank you.

Toby Miller. Fanwar LARP

$250 For the week

707 478 8783

200 John F Shelley Dr, San Francisco, CA 94134
San Francisco, California 93134
+ Google Map