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Event Series Event Series: Palo Alto Wednesday League

Palo Alto Wednesday League

January 5, 2022 @ 12:30 pm 6:00 pm

Fanwar Weekly Leagues

(Wednesday Palo Alto–2021-2022)

Fall and Spring Hours 1:00-3:30pm & 4:00-6:30pm (Winter 12:30-3pm, 3:30pm-6pm)

Information Sheet

Registration: New players can only join on the first event of the month.  All families must pre-register for this event. There are a limited number of spaces available. Registration and payment are required to save your spot. To register fill out registration form and e-mail to christophermelville@fanwar.com or turn in to Christopher Melville at a Fanwar event. Payment may be given to Christopher at a Fanwar event, sent via PayPal at the above email address, or sent in the mail (PO BOX 149, Graton CA 95444).  Make checks payable to Christopher Melville or Fanwar LARP and please write your child’s name on the check as well.

Reminder: because this event is during the week, parents are not required onsite, provided you have emergency contacts on file with the organizer and your child does not pose a significant risk to the flow, safety, or management of the event.  All children must demonstrate that they are responsible and cooperative and cannot leave the premises for the duration of the camp hours with express written permission (see below).

Cost: Players sign up for one month at a time.  They must pay for the entire month on the first event of the month.  Players are not allowed pay for each day they attend, but must make one payment of the total they attend.  If they do not attend all the sessions, they may apply the credit to future events.  Trades for crafting of supplies and repair work is also accepted for those who wish to play a lot but keep the costs down.  See Christopher for projects to do as trade.

Location: The camp is being held at Mitchell Park, in Palo Alto.  We usually meet near the “Push” Statue, but may have to relocate depending on what other events are happening in the park that week.

What to bring: Students need to bring food and water (if attending both sessions), clothing for variation in the weather, as well as adequate sun protection and good athletic shoes.  Costumes and props are also a wonderful addition to our events.

Food and Water: As mentioned above, food and water are not provided, and students must bring their own food for this event each day if they are attending both sessions.

Schedule: We plan to meet every Wednesday and begin in the afternoon, with an early afternoon and an evening session.  Each session is a series of missions, training, and role-playing encounters.  (If you need early drop off or late pickup- contact me).

Weather & Emergencies: Though we plan to meet on the listed days, there are some where we simply cannot safely run LARP outdoors.  If the fields are saturated due to rain, and closed by the city, or if wildfire smoke makes outside air unhealthy for kids, or if heavy rain and wind are forecast during the hours of larp, we usually cancel that day.  Keep an eye on the website www.fanwar.com and our Facebook Page, for updates about date cancelations.


Dates Each MonthTimes You Plan to Attend.Cost per monthTotal
Fall Sessions
Aug. (11th, 18th, 25th)1pm [  ]= $60  4pm  [  ] = $60$60 one /$120 two
Sept. (1st,8th,15th,22nd,29th1pm [  ]= $100  4pm  [  ] = $100$100 one /$200 two
Oct. (6th, 13th,20th,27th1pm [  ]= $80  4pm  [  ] = $80$80 one /$160 two
TOTAL FALL SEASONTotal due (paying by Check [ ] PayPal [ ] or Cash [ ]$240 one /$480 two
 Winter Sessions (Early Hours Time Change!) 
Nov. (3rd, 10th, 17th)12:30pm [  ]= $60  3:30pm  [  ] = $60$60 one /$120 two
Dec. (1st,8th,15th12:30pm [  ]= $60  3:30pm  [  ] = $60$60 one /$120 two
Jan. (5th, 12th,19th,26th12:30pm [  ]= $80  3:30pm  [  ] = $80$80 one /$160 two
Feb. (2nd, 9th,16th,23rd12:30pm [  ]= $80 3:30pm  [  ] = $80$80 one /$160 two
TOTAL WINTER SEASONTotal due (paying by Check [ ] PayPal [ ] or Cash [ ]$280 one /$560 two
Spring Sessions
Mar. (2nd, 9th,16th,23rd,30th1pm [  ]= $100  4pm  [  ] = $100$100 one /$200 two
Apr. (6th, 13th,20th,27th1pm [  ]= $80  4pm  [  ] = $80$80 one /$160 two
May. (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th)1pm [  ]= $80  4pm  [  ] = $80$80 one /$160 two
TOTAL SPRING SEASONTotal due (paying by Check [ ] PayPal [ ] or Cash [ ]$260 one /$520 two


Note:  We will comply with the County Health Orders for whatever county we are currently operating in.

LARP Camps Procedures

Due to the increased need for safety procedures during this pandemic, we must follow these guidelines below if we plan to attend any LARP camps this season.  These guidelines are based on state and county laws and keep us all safe and able to enjoy this outdoor experience.  If these guidelines are not being followed, it jeopardizes the entire camp, and we may lose our opportunity to attend the camps all together, or worse, may shut down the entire camp, so please take these measures very seriously.

  1. Parent Responsibilities (these are the pieces that need to be attended to by each family to ensure they are doing their part to protect others at the camp).

Protocols for attending camps during this Pandemic

Before the camp starts, you need to contact me if any of the following is true.

  • Have you or your child had a fever in the last 24 hours of 100°F or above?
  • Do you or your child now, or have recently had, any respiratory or flu symptoms, sore throat, or shortness of breath?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone in the last 10 days who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has coronavirus-type symptoms, and you yourself are unvaccinated?

If any of the above applies, we need to reschedule your camp. If you question your health or your child’s health in any way, please do not come in.  Safety is first and foremost.

  1. Parents and Students Responsibilities: the following items are needed for each student to have at the camp for their personal use.  It is the responsibility of the parents and students to make sure these items are bought every day.
    1. Face Mask or Covering (cloth or other breathable fabric, covers the nose and mouth but allows for safe breathing while active)
    2. Bag or Box Lunch (since unvaccinated students cannot leave the campus, some must bring enough food for themselves to be comfortable all day long)
  • Fork Friendly Foods (we want to discourage any students from eating foods with their hands at camp.  If possible, please send food that allows your child to eat with a fork, or is wrapped in such a way as to allow them to not need to touch it to eat it).
  1. Drinking Water (students will not have access to drinking fountains or other drinking water on site, so they must bring enough water for them to be comfortable all day long in changeable weather).
  2. Soapy Spray Bottle (this bottle should be filled with water and soap that is safe for your child to use on themself.  It can be used to spray on their hands or personal items they wish to clean when the bathroom is not available.  If a spray bottle isn’t available, a labeled water bottle filled with soapy water should work.
  3. Hand towel (since students may need to wash dry their hands more often than usual, it will be helpful for them to have a decent sized towel that they can dry their hands on should they need extra washing between bathroom visits).
  • Sunscreen or Hats as needed (since it can be quite hot at times, and players will also be wearing masks and gloves, hats that keep off the sun and/or sunscreen that they can use are needed).
  • Emergency First Aid Card: Each student should bring a card with their emergency contact number, and any prudent health issues, such as allergies, etc. clearly printed on it, to be turned in to Christopher’s Box at the start of the camp, in case of emergencies.
  1. Backpack or Bag for all the above items: Since students need more personal items than usual, providing something with their name on it that can contain all these items is a necessity.
  1. Student Responsibilities (there are the pieces that need to be enforced with the students to be sure we are protecting each other and the use of our facilities)
    • Face Masks/Covering Required: All students at the camp must have a face mask on during all larp activities.
    • Stay in your Group: Students will be broken into groups of no more than 12 unvaccinated players which will be referred to as their Group Number:  These groups will be supplemented with more fully vaccinated players bringing group sizes closer to 20-25 as of 5-17-2021 (Update- while groups will still be mostly Static, they may now engage in one or two encounters with other groups but mostly for short periods of time, and the majority of the day is spent isolated from all other groups)- 6/15/2021
    • Non-Vaccinated Students cannot leave the campus grounds during camp: We must keep our groups from any unnecessary contacts, and this means no leaving campus for lunch or any other purpose during the day.
    • Students must only use the bathrooms one at a time: We have access to a bathroom that is directly off the blackstop, and will not enter the other school buildings at any time.  We will only use this bathroom one at a time and must get permission from our group leader before we do.
    • Reduce Germs in the Bathroom: Students should refrain from touching items in the bathroom with their hands (using a paper towel etc. instead).  If a toilet has a lid, it should be shut before flushing to reduce particles entering the air.  Students must wash their hands for 20 seconds and thoroughly rinse and dry them before returning to larp activities.
    • Wash Hands before eating lunch: Students need to be sure they wash their hands before starting to eat at lunch to reduce the chances of any germs being transferred to food.
    • During lunch, six feet apart: Since we will be taking our masks off to eat, students must sit six feet apart during lunch.
    • Stay in the areas designated for larp only: We have use of the space at our site for larp, but only the outside areas which we must take care of.
    • Wash Hands before Leaving LARP: Before leaving LARP to go home, each student will be sure to wash their hands, either with their personal supplies for this, or at the bathroom as usual.
  1. Changes to Game Rules and Procedures:

We may adjust certain game rules if necessary to allow for more social distancing and health measures, but currently, the core rules set works for current health and safety procedures.

If you, or your child cannot or will not comply with these procedures they will be barred from the camp and future camps as well.+ Add to Google Calendar+ Add to iCalendar+ Export .ics file


Date:January 5Time:1:00 pm – 6:30 pmCost:$20 – $40www.fanwar.com


Christopher MelvillePhone:707-569-4859Email:christopherpuma@fanwar.comView Organizer Website


Mitchell Park600 E Meadow Dr
Palo Alto, CA 94306 United States + Google MapView Venue Websitehttps://www.google.com/maps/embed/v1/place?key=AIzaSyDNsicAsP6-VuGtAb1O9riI3oc_NOb7IOU&q=600+E+Meadow+Dr+Palo+Alto+CA+94306+United+States+

$20 – $40 20 per session


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600 E Meadow Dr
Palo Alto, CA 94306 United States
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