Online Events Info

This page is designed as a resource for those wanting to learn about and get involved in the online LARP events being run until we can get back outside as usual.  On this page you should be able to find links to sign up forms, Google Doc where kids can meet and discuss mission they wish to do, and links to the Discord Channel that students use to listen and see their GM.  This page is being kept simple, so that it is easy to find what you need and just that.

For those planning Online Events with Christopher only

The Sign Up Form to send to Christopher to schedule your event.

The Google Doc where kids can meet other kids to plan FANWAR quests is here. will be needed for Table Top Experiences

Discord will also be needed for sound and chat.

 (Christopher’s) General Discord Channel.

2020 Revised Tabletop Fanwar Battle System

Code of Conduct for Fanwar LARP