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Berkeley Teriock Mists Adult League

November 6, 2021 @ 10:00 am 5:00 pm

This league takes place far to the east of Roekron in the mists formerly known as Teriock. It involves older players and a more adult centered plot and content. The rules are the same as other Junior League events, but the style of play and conversational content is much more mature. You must meet certain criteria and show advanced skill at the game to attend these events. Qualifications for this league include:

(1) Players must be 14 years or older.

(2) Players must have been an active player for over 1 year.

(3) Players must have attended at least 18 separate events.

(4) Players must be able to describe what most of the Standard Abilities in the game do.

(5) Players are assessed at events on their ability to keep combat moving smoothly, and be able to run combat with few errors or fouls.

This event is donation based and less expensive than other events. Players typically pay $20 regardless of how many sessions they play. 

The game world is connected to Roekron and there may be interaction with elements of other leagues. However, players should not expect that their characters will be able to freely move between this league and events in Roekron. And although this league takes place in the Teriock game world, it is not run by Tony Melville. There are many elements of and references to old Teriock leagues in this one. But, players used to Teriock may find the region different than they remember.

If you’re considering joining this league, please email the GM at gabriel.fanwar(at)gmail.com first so he can add you to the league’s Discord server and give instructions for how to navigate the park. We currently have limited equipment and other resources. So, space is also somewhat limited. But, please do ask to join if you’re interested! We’ll do our best to grow as needed.

New (and old) players are encouraged to skim through the links in the league Intro Doc for background on the setting and mission.

1201 Euclid Avenue
Berkeley, CA United States
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