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Winter LARP Festival (Palo Alto)!

December 21, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


WHEN: Saturday, December 21st – 6:00pm -9:00 pm (setup begins at 5:00pm – cleanup until 9:30)
WHERE: Cubberley Community Center (Room H6)
4000 Middlefield Rd
Palo Alto, CA 94303
COST: $20 per player
– Quest/Character/Club players age 13 and older may attend without parent supervision. But player must have an emergency phone contact and parent must be back at the site by 9:30 pm.
– All Battle League players, all players 12 and under, and ALL NEW PLAYERS, must have a responsible adult on site.
FOOD/DRINK: No food, except what players bring to sell for gold in the market. So bring snacks.
WHAT:   We begin with a silent auction, and then move into a role play event. Players, parents, and friends are invited to attend in costume (if you wish) as their characters, or villagers (props will be provided as usual, please bring your own musical instrument if desired). Participants will be involved in an ongoing adventure in a market, buying, selling, trading, dancing, singing, playing at sport, or debating in their respective roles. Upon arrival, participants will be given a collection of gold to spend at the festival to ensure a lively and active market!
All Quest/Character leagues are invited (but the setting will be in Mithil Grisodedin in the Roekron game world of Christopher’s LARP.  We have permission to use the athletic fields for some of our games, so we will be able to do a few matches or skirmishes if the weather is good.
For Tony Quest Players: Tony’s world is set in a world called Teriock.  If you play Tony, but not Chris, you don’t have a Roekron based character to play at the festival. Here are your options:(1) If you play advanced with Tony in Berkeley – play a baddy for cost of $10. You will be NPC’s roles the GM needs (and will still have an opportunity to purchase real world items).
(2) Play a Merchant from Teriock. You will play a merchant connected with your character who is doing business on your behalf. You will make gold, but not gain a level. You will have the opportunity to run your own booth as well.
(3) Travel a Character. Your character will not be playable during the travel which usually takes 1 week to arrive and 1 week to return. You do NOT receive the entry gold, as it is assumed this was the cost you paid for your ships travel. You also may be subject to at sea encounters or sinking.

VENDORS: If you would like to be a vendor, and sell or trade homemade items at the festival, you will need to bring a few key things. You will need a  tablecloth, or a blanket to set on the floor or table to display your wares. You will need some place to store your money from purchases as well as a way to make change for people who buy your items. You will also need price tags.  These can be hand made and should display either a dollar value (indicated by the “$” sign) or a gold value (indicated by a “g.p.”) or both (you can sell something for $1 dollar AND 1 g.p. if you like). The goal is to provide a fun and memorable event, and for everyone to benefit in the process.  PLEASE NOTE- Food and drinks cannot be sold for real world money at this event, only game world gold (see below for ways to get refunded for your food costs).

Possible items for vendors to sell are as follows:

Food (cookies, chocolate, treats, fruit, baked goods, kabobs, popcorn, etc. but keep in mind it should be served in a way that fits the fantasy setting) [NOTE- food can only be sold for game world money, not real world money] If you would like bring more expensive food, you can have Christopher purchase it from you before the event, and then sell it only for game money (thus you CAN make money if you bring food).

Drinks (water, apple cider, hot chocolate, juice, soda, etc. again, keep in mind it should be served in a way that fits the fantasy setting).  [NOTE- drinks can ONLY be sold for game world money, not real world money]
Character Costume Pieces: Belts, rings, amulets, shirts, boots, cloaks, bags, etc. Costumes CAN be sold for real world money ($)
LARP Weaponry (daggers, arrows, swords, axes, bows, shields, armor, wands, staves, etc.) Make sure your items pass safety checks. Anything sold that does not pass safety will have to be refunded.  LARP Weaponry CAN be sold for real world money ($)


December 21, 2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Christopher Melville


Cubberley Community Center
4000 Middlefield Rd
Palo Alto, CA 94303 United States
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(650) 329-2418