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Palo Alto Summer Camp #4 (Experienced Players Only)

August 3 @ 8:00 am - August 7 @ 5:00 pm


Fanwar Camps

(Palo Alto – SUMMER 2020)

Summer Hours 9am- 5:00pm!


Registration:  All families must pre-register for this event. There are a limited number of spaces available. Registration and payment are required to save your spot. To register fill out registration form and e-mail to christophermelville@fanwar.com or turn in to Christopher Melville at a Fanwar event. Payment may be given to Christopher at a Fanwar event, sent via PayPal at the above email address, or sent in the mail (PO BOX 149, Graton CA 95444).  Make checks payable to Christopher Melville or Fanwar LARP and please write your child’s name on the check as well.


Hello All FANWAR LARP Parents and Players,

I had hoped things would improve for next weeks camp, but unfortunately, as you all know from the news, things have become much worse. While I am confidant of our safety measures and the systems we use, Santa Clara County has made it impossible for us to continue with outdoor LARP due to their most recent Health Order update for Summer Camps. While many of the updates would make the camp extremely hard to run in general, there is one provision which makes it impossible all together, and thus we must now do online instead. See below-
Part 6, item C
“Within their stable groups:
Children/youth ages 12 and older: children/youth must maintain at least six feet of distance from other children/youth at all times, and personnel shall maintain at least six feet of distance from children/youth at all times.”

Earlier, we were allowed to be closer than six feet to one another if we were in stable groups. Now, there are no provisions for any exceptions to this rule, even with wearing masks, outside, in stable groups, so my hands are tied here, and there is nothing I can do about it. There is no way to actively LARP while following the above directive. We will have to be online. Please get your child a Roll20.net account and a Discord account and we will meet at this Google Doc on Monday to assign people to their groups for the week.

Unlike other online events, we will not be signing up for mission each day, but rather assigned to a GM group just like we would if we were outside. We may shuffle entire teams to different GM on different days, but the groups themselves will stay together once assigned. Please make sure your child’s computer mic and camera are working, as we have many activities and assignments that require acting and facial expression can be key. We will be assigning students outside treasure hunts and photo projects during our long lunch break, as students will need plenty of time to run around and be outside between online quests. Also, please only sign up for this camp if your child wants to do these online games. If you know that they are better served by being outside next week, and that these online games do not suit their temperament or interests, I completely understand. Let me know so that the many students who do want to sign up from out of state or further away will have the space.
You kids may also want to read over our online rules system to get ready, here-

Here is the updated plans for the rest of the summer, baring any miraculous change to Santa Clara County Health Orders.

(Palo Alto Camp #3 – July 20th-24th) Online.
(Sebastopol Camp #3 – July 27th-31st) Possibly Outdoor, but Sonoma County threat level is increasing.
(Palo Alto Camp #4 – August 3rd-7th) Online.

Here are the Articles and Website to know how to plan for future events.
Threat Level Across the US

The Path to Zero: Key Metrics For COVID Suppression

Running Child Care During A Pandemic-https://www.npr.org/2020/06/24/882316641/what-parents-can-learn-from-child-care-centers-that-stayed-open-during-lockdowns
Health Orders for Sonoma County (see part 5 on Child Care and Camps)

Amendment No. 3 to Health Order No. C19-09

UPDATED Sonoma County Health Orders

State Health Order – July 13

UPDATED Santa Clara County Public Health Orders for Summer Camps

Thank you again for your patience, support, and dedication to our LARP leagues. The stress on all of us is really quite extreme, and I know that we all have been working very hard balance our lives in these challenging times.

All my best,

Christopher Melville

Cost: The week costs $325 per person.  There is no extra charge for the materials and items that students make and get to keep.

Location: Online

What to bring: A positive attitude and an appetite for adventure.

Schedule: We begin setup around 8:30am, and start game promptly at 9am every day and play until 12pm.  We take an hour lunch break from 12-1pm and a role play only town setting from 1-2pm.  We run a second session from 2pm-4:30pm and wrap up by 5pm.

One form per family – note- if you have already submitted this information for another camp and no contact info has changed, you only need to fill out the childs name, indicate which camps your child plans to attend, send payment, and sign the back of this form.


NOTE: The Format for Events has changed.  Only ONE camp allows new players to join who have never played before.  This camp is the June 22nd-26th Camp.  All other camps are for players who know the game already.


  • June (8th-12th) No new players allowed at this event. This is for experienced players only.
  • June (22nd-26th) New players are welcome so long as they attend from the first day of the camp!
  • July (20th-24th) No new players allowed at this event. This is for experienced players only.
  • August (3rd-7th) No new players allowed at this event. This is for experienced players only.




August 3 @ 8:00 am
August 7 @ 5:00 pm


Christopher Melville


Mitchell Park
600 E Meadow Dr
Palo Alto, CA 94306 United States
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