Teriock FANWAR Online RPG

Dear Fanwar Families in Teriock,

Due to social distancing and the shelter in place order in California, Fanwar is attempting to do our LARP as an online RPG.

We will be using the skills of our Junior GMs who will be stepping up to GM groups of up to 5 players online.  We will be using our tabletop system combined with Discord for video and Roll 20 as the gaming platform.

Days we will be playing:

Ukiah Fanwar League – Every Monday 4pm to 7pm

Berkeley / Sunnyvale Fanwar League – Every Tuesday 4pm – 7pm

Note: If you can’t play on the day your group is meeting, you may play on the alternate day.  No double dipping though, we want to be sure everyone gets a chance to play.

Here is the Google Doc to link us to the campaigns:


Please look there on March 22nd, Sunday evening for instructions.

Stay Safe and bare with us!  Fanwar is designed as a LARP but we will do our best to adapt it into a fun RPG.

If you choose to play and you can afford to pay during this recession, please make your payment to Christopher Melville’s Paypal account: http://www.fanwar.com/paypal-payment-page/

Sara and I have money to weather this storm for now due to our jobs as teachers and the secured funding stream. Christopher does not.  If we want to keep FANWAR alive we need to keep him afloat.  Chris has done countless numbers of fundraisers over the years for numerous  causes. He is always handing out scholarships and is constantly giving to those in need.  Now it’s our turn.

See you online!

Tony aka GameMasterT

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